4 Great Styles Of Beer To Try This Fall

Friends enjoying craft beers in the Fall season
Friends enjoying craft beers in the Fall season

While you’re looking for the perfect beer for fall, there are a few different styles to try. Oktoberfest, Hazy Pale Ale, Brown/Red Ale, and Dark Lager are just a few options you might enjoy this fall. Autumn beers are less concerned with being crisp and refreshing, and instead are bursting with spice and fall-themed flavors. You can find many different types of autumn-style beers in the grocery store.With the changing seasons comes a new range of beers to try. Don’t limit yourself to pumpkin-themed brews; try a variety of styles that highlight the flavors of fall. These beers will keep you warm and toasty this season, and can be the perfect drink to accompany a hearty soup.

Hazy Pale Ales

Hazy Pale Ales are not just for fall. The pumpkin season creeps up on us a little earlier each year, helped by our collective love of pumpkin spice lattes. But what really kicks off the pumpkin season is the addition of heady pumpkin spices like cinnamon and allspice. Although September is still primarily a summer month, the cooler nights of fall will prompt a shift in beer styles. From bright sessionable sour ales to robust pumpkin ales, it’s time to try one of these fall favorites.

While traditional pale ales remain the most popular craft beer style in the U.S., the emergence of new sub-styles has ushered in a new wave of hazy, fruity, and juicy beers. In addition to IPAs, new styles of pale ales take their cues from the lighter and fruitier hazy styles of beer.

Brown/Red Ale

If you’re looking for the perfect fall beer, consider trying a brown/red ale. These brews are one of the most underrated types of beer, but they offer a great balance between heavy, dark beers and crisp, hoppy brews. One example of an American brown ale is Bell’s Best Brown Ale, which combines caramel and cocoa notes with generous use of American hops.

If you’re interested in brewing your own beer, consider this brew. The Marzen style of beer is known as an annual beer in Bavaria, and it’s known for its amber color and malty body. This type of brew takes a bit of time to develop, so a beginner should make sure they have all of the right equipment. The beer will need to be aged for a few weeks in a fermentation vessel to ensure that it gets a good amount of flavor. Luckily, if you’re willing to spend a bit of time brewing, you’ll find many homebrewers who begin brewing this style early in the year. Once the beer is matured, it will have a nice crisp bite and mouthfeel.

Dark Lagers

Dark lagers are enjoying a renaissance in the craft beer scene. These traditional styles have a similar flavor profile to their more recent counterparts, but they tend to be sweeter and more adjunct-heavy. If you’ve never tried them, now is a great time to try them.

Henniker’s Dark Lager, for example, is a big flavorful lager with aromas of French roast coffee, dark chocolate, and smoke. It’s not overly sweet, but it is rich and complex without being overpowering. The result is a drink that’s surprisingly drinkable for a dark beer.

Vienna Lager is another great choice. This style has a complex malt character and pairs well with spicy food and sausages. It is also low in carbonation, which makes it a smooth drink.

Hard Cider

If you are looking to switch it up and get something different, a cider may be the perfect fit for you. Try a champagne-like cider from Bad Seed Cider Company. Their flagship Dry Hard Cider is incredibly dry and tastes like apple champagne. It’s also the first hard cider in a can to have zero sugar. The cider contains a pound of fresh Hudson Valley apples. It’s a great choice to pair with Thanksgiving fare.

For those who aren’t fans of apple cider, try a berry-based hard cider. Angry Orchard makes several flavors of hard cider. They have Crisp Apple, Cinnful, Traditional Dry, Elderflower, and a variety pack exclusive called Baked Apple Pie. Each of these ciders has its own distinct flavor and comes in various ABVs. You can find the right hard cider for your taste buds by exploring the flavors available in your local grocery store or liquor store.

If you’re looking for a more complex taste, try Woodchuck Amber Hard Cider. It was bottled in 1991 and is considered to be the “brand that started the American cider revolution.” This cider is a medium-bodied cider with a golden color. While it’s not a traditional cider, it has an intense, rich flavor that pairs well with meats and pork.

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