5 Types of Beer to Bring to This Year’s Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Celebration Tradition Family Dinner
Thanksgiving Celebration Tradition Family Dinner

While grocery stores are stocked with everything for Thanksgiving, most people are more inclined to choose wine than craft beer. While wine is still a perfectly appropriate option for the occasion, craft beer is better suited for a Thanksgiving dinner. Here are some styles to consider: Barrel Aged Stout, Belgian, Fruited Sour, and Hoppy IPA.

Barrel Aged Stout

If you want to impress your family and friends this Thanksgiving, you should consider bringing a barrel-aged stout to the dinner. This beer is perfect for the holiday since it is not too dark and it can be easily paired with traditional Thanksgiving fare. It is also the perfect after-dinner drink.

A barrel-aged stout is aged in a barrel for at least 10 months, but it can also be aged for a longer period of time. For example, a barrel-aged stout can take up to two years to reach the desired level of complexity. The best way to drink this kind of beer is to serve it in a snifter, as its flavor will change with time.

A few weeks before Thanksgiving, you can buy this stout at your favorite local brewery. It can be a good time to stock up on a few different stouts and find out what your guests will like the most. For instance, if you’re bringing a barrel-aged stout to Thanksgiving dinner, you should get a bottle of the stout from the brewery.


Bringing a Belgian beer to this year’s Thanksgiving dinner is a delicious way to celebrate the traditional meal. Many Thanksgiving dishes pair well with Belgian dubbel, which features a rich malty backbone and dark fruit flavors. This style goes great with everything from tart cranberries to sweet, earthy yams. This beer also boasts a high carbonation level that refreshes the palate.

Another great choice is a Belgian barley wine, which is aged in bourbon barrels. This beer is sweet, rich, and loaded with malts. It’s meant to be enjoyed slowly and it will most likely appeal to those who enjoy a taste of caramel and malt.

Hoppy IPA

Thanksgiving is a time for celebrating, so why not try to bring a Hoppy IPA beer to this year’s dinner? With its earthy flavors, IPA pairs well with pre-dinner treats. It is also a lighter choice and will help your guests push through to dessert. IPA is also the perfect beer to pair with side dishes such as mashed potatoes and stuffing, and it has an extremely crisp taste that cuts through the richness of these side dishes.

Traditionally, wine has been the drink of choice for Thanksgiving dinner, but the craft beer has its own place. While most people gravitate towards wine, it doesn’t mean that you should be shy about bringing a craft beer to the table. You can find plenty of perfect pairings in the world of craft beer, so you’re sure to find one that complements your meal perfectly.

Fruited Sour

If you’re looking for a unique and funky beer to bring to this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, you might want to consider a fruited sour beer. These funky beers deliver tart flavors with an acidic finish. They’re great for pairing with the traditional Thanksgiving fare, and they also pair well with desserts.

Fruited sours aren’t just for Thanksgiving, and they’re also the perfect choice to complement any dish. Try a Belgian-style fruit beer, such as SpontanCarrot, a beer brewed by Mikkeller in Copenhagen. This ruby red beer ferments with wild yeast and ages on oak barrels. Pair it with a variety of foods like pork, cheeses with a funky flavor, and vanilla-based desserts.

Another fruity option to consider is a fruited kettle sour. These are usually much smaller in pours and are less intimidating to non-beer drinkers. They also make great after-dinner beverages.

Hard Cider

If you are planning to bring beer to this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, you will be delighted to know that there are several options to choose from. While the choice of style is largely dependent on the number of guests, it is best to bring a beer that will not overpower the rich flavors of the food. One good option is a saison, which is a once-obscure Belgian style that has had a recent resurgence as an autumn seasonal. This rich and complex beer is full of spice and late-season fruits. It is also deliberately soured, so its tangy flavor makes it a great palate cleanser.

Another option is a pilsner, which is a light, crisp beer that is great with your meal. You can also try local options such as Traverse IPA from Boundary Bay Brewing Company or Bastard Kat IPA from Kulshan Brewing Company. Other choices include a Weizen, which has a slightly spiced flavor, and a Weiss lager. These beers are great for pairing with foods like turkey and other caramelized foods.

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