Cans or Bottles: What Fits Your Needs?

Find Out Why Cans or Bottles May Suit Your Needs Better

When it comes to canning & bottling, the options can seem endless. Recently, there has been a shift towards using cans over bottles for craft brews, ciders, and other drinks. Despite many companies switching over to cans, some stick with bottles. If you have been thinking about making a change with your packaging methods, read more about cans vs. bottles!

Why Are Cans Becoming More Popular?

Cans have become more and more popular since 2011 according to the Brewers Association and there are a few reasons why. One of the biggest reasons that cans have become more popular is the fact that they are more easily transported and stored than their glass counterparts. Cans are significantly lighter and more durable than glass and cannot shatter the same way. Cans also have a slight advantage over glass bottles when it comes to keeping the beverage as fresh and close to the way it was intended to be enjoyed as possible and won’t give off that “metal” taste some people worry about with cans. This is because cans produce the most airtight possible seal as well as preventing the contents from being affected by any light in storage and transportation. Cans allow for your beverage to get to the customer exactly as you intended it to be served. Cans have also become more poplar for taking beverages on the go because they don’t break like glass. Glass bottles aren’t allowed in many places because making cans a more popular choice for consumers on the go. Cans are also recyclable and can be re-labeled an eco-friendly way to package beverages.

The Endless Options With Cans 

Another reason why cans are becoming more popular is the number of different options available now with cans from the different sizes to the complex designs put on them. From a producer’s standpoint, the number of sizes gives you numerous options for packaging. The most popular sizes are 12oz and 16oz cans, but a new type of can called the Crowler in a 32oz size is becoming popular too. These bigger sizes are especially popular among crafter breweries because they are a great way to serve a craft beverage! Can designs are becoming a huge part of the packaging as you now see shelves lined with tons of amazing and colorful designs! These can grab the attention of someone and even encourage them to try out something new! It also gives you the opportunity for special limited-edition packaging. 

Glass Still Has its Benefits

Despite cans becoming more popular and having their many undeniable advantages, there are still some things that glass does better than its aluminum counterparts. The biggest benefit that glass offers is the fact that it is the most environmentally conscious packaging. Glass can be recycled without any quality loss whatsoever, so it is a great eco-friendly option. Another reason some people like glass bottles is because glass can be easier to drink out of directly than cans.

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