Crowlers Vs Growlers: What is a Crowler?

Crowlers vs Growlers

Many people see the word Crowler and assume someone just misspelled Growler, the
common way to transport beer, to-go, from your favorite restaurant or craft brewery. As
the experts in 32 oz Crowler cans, we wanted to take a little time and outline what
aluminum crowler cans are, and why they may be the best choice for you over a
traditional Growler, or Howler bottle.

What is a Crowler?

Most people who enjoy craft beer have probably heard of a Growler, but not as many are
familiar with a crowler. The Crowler is a 32-ounce aluminum can, designed to bridge the gap
between traditional growlers, and 12- or 16-ounce cans.
They are the perfect way to take home a larger amount of your favorite beer from a brewery or
brewpub, or to bottle your craft beverage for customers, without the concern of breaking glass!
Whether you are looking to take home a favorite drink for a night in, or you are heading out of
town and want to bring your favorite drink along, Crowlers are the perfect option for beer on the

Why Would I Choose Aluminum Crowlers?

Some people may associate aluminum cans with non-craft, mass-produced beers. While many
may think of glass bottles and take-home Growlers as the best way to store their beverage of
choice, aluminum cans actually offer a handful of benefits over glass packaging.
Beer is susceptible to changes from light and oxygen when stored or transported. The flavor
profile of the beer itself is changed and can lose carbonation when exposed to light and oxygen
ultimately making the product different from how it was intended to be enjoyed.
With a traditional Growler, you may experience some changes that you would not have with a
sealed aluminum Crowler. They are also ideal for providing a larger take home option, without
worrying about broken glass, or having to sell full Growler orders.
While Crowlers (32-Ounces) are not as large as a traditional Growler (64-Ounces or 32-
Ounces), they are an excellent intermediate option. If you or a customer wants 64-ounces, take
home two of your favorite Crowlers, in separate 32-ounce cans!

Crowler Cans Offer More Flexibility In Use & Shipping

With traditional Growlers and glass bottles, there are limitations in shipping, storage, costs, and
where they can be taken. As more places begin to prohibit glass, you may find that your favorite
beverage may have to be left behind in some places.
Aluminum Crowlers can go places where alcoholic beverages are allowed but glass is not.
Aluminum is also easily recycled, so despite not being able to reuse the container you can still
recycle and reduce waste.
There are many limitations when shipping craft beers, but Crowlers help to mitigate many of
those. Craft beers take time to perfect the flavor profiles and finished product, so you want your
product to be enjoyed as it was intended. When using traditional glass bottles the carefully
perfected craft beers could be ruined easily by UV light penetration and Oxygen intake through
the seals. Aluminum Crowlers can be shipped with zero UV light penetration to the liquid, and
an airtight seal that ensures no oxygen leaks into the can. This ensures that whatever your
product is, it gets to the customer how it was intended. If you were worried about shipping your
craft beer before due to these limitations, have no more fears.

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