How To Choose A Can Supplier

Choosing a beverage can supplier - People standing over cans
Choosing a beverage can supplier - People standing over cans

There are many things to consider when choosing a can supplier. It is important to know your production schedule so you can make sure you have enough inventory, especially during busy periods such as the spring and summer months. A good supplier will have technical support available to help you with any issues you may encounter. Communication is essential and should be regular. Here are some things to consider when you are looking to choose your next can supplier.

Choosing A Can Supplier

When choosing a can supplier, consider the type of cans you need and what you are looking for. There are three main options: fully decorated cans from a manufacturer, blank cans from a small-run can supplier, and custom cans that you design yourself. Choose the option that best meets your needs based on storage space, quantity, and design. You can also choose to apply decorative graphics or other decorations.

Craft brewers may want to consider custom-labeled cans as an option. This technology can produce small quantities of high-quality artwork on cans to give it a personal touch. Craft brewers, specialty brewers, and seasonal batches benefit from this technology, which is more convenient than ever. As with all things, choosing a can supplier depends on what your needs are. Whether you’re looking for an in-house manufacturer or a fully outsourced supplier, the right company can help you choose the best option.

Craft brewers should consider the size of their cans, too. If you’re a craft brewer, you’ll want your cans to be able to accommodate your brand’s unique needs. If your brewery is looking for an easy-to-open format, try a 16-ounce can. It’s a great size for niche brewers who want to differentiate themselves from behemoths like Budweiser and Coors.

It’s also important to look into how fast you’ll need your cans. Some manufacturers have a minimum order size that makes them impossible to match, and others reserve capacity for existing customers. Crown ran into this problem in 2015 and had to turn away smaller breweries. You can check with your supplier to determine if their minimum order is reasonable and allows you to meet the requirements of your brewery. If a company is too slow to respond, don’t worry – the supplier will keep you posted.

If you need a large quantity of cans, a can manufacturer may be the best option. While you may pay more per can, you will get the highest quality and most attractive graphics for the smallest amount of money. The downside to using a can manufacturer is that you have to pay more upfront and may have trouble storing your order. In most cases, however, it’s worthwhile to choose a can supplier with a low minimum quantity and high quality.

Ball Corp. is the largest manufacturer of aluminum beverage cans in North America. It recently increased its minimum order requirement fivefold, signaling craft brewers that Ball doesn’t want to deal with them. The company’s minimum order requirements were once one truckload per SKU, or 200,000. Now, they require you to order over a million cans per SKU. If you don’t meet this requirement, you should look for a new supplier.

Another important factor is a supplier’s reputation. Be sure to choose a can supplier that can maintain a consistent brand identity. If you want your brand to be perceived as an expert, the vendor should be able to deliver on their promises. It’s worth asking them for samples of their work and comparing their output.

It’s crucial to find a can supplier that is willing to work with you to create the best can for your needs. You might also be surprised to find out that some companies are cheaper than others. But you can still save money by going with a smaller supplier. You can save a lot of money by choosing one that has a high quality, high-resolution print. This can be especially beneficial if you are looking to split your canning run between multiple styles.

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