State Spotlight: Illinois

Chicago Illinois
Chicago Illinois
Illinois, known as the Land of Lincoln, boasts a rich brewing heritage spanning nearly 200 years. This proud tradition is mirrored by the dynamic and fiercely competitive craft beer landscape that thrives within the state's borders.

In recent years, the beer brewing scene in Illinois has experienced a remarkable surge, capturing the attention of beer enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. From humble beginnings, the number of breweries in the state has soared, making Illinois one of the top contenders in the nation. With a thriving industry that continues to expand, the Land of Lincoln now stands proudly among the select few states with a flourishing beer culture, offering a plethora of unique and tantalizing brews to satisfy every palate. Prepare to embark on a captivating journey through the diverse and vibrant world of beer brewing in Illinois, where innovation and competition know no bounds.


As the largest city in Illinois, Chicago has emerged as a hub for craft beer enthusiasts. It boasts a remarkable array of breweries, brewpubs, and taprooms, each offering a unique and innovative selection of beers. From well-established breweries to up-and-coming gems, Chicago’s brewing scene offers something for every beer lover.

Goose Island Beer Co.

Established in 1988, Goose Island Beer Co. has become an iconic Chicago brewery known for its exceptional beers. Their flagship Goose IPA played a significant role in popularizing the IPA style in the US. Another standout offering is the highly sought-after Bourbon County Brand Stout, aged in bourbon barrels for rich and complex flavors. While acquired by Anheuser-Busch InBev in 2011, Goose Island maintains its presence in Chicago with multiple locations, including the original brewpub on Clybourn Avenue. The brewery continues to prioritize quality, community, and innovation, collaborating with other breweries and hosting events that celebrate the craft beer spirit. Goose Island Beer Co. remains a beloved and influential player in the craft beer scene.

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Revolution Brewing

Founded in 2010, Revolution Brewing has become an esteemed and influential independent brewery in Chicago. With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, Revolution Brewing has captivated beer enthusiasts with their exceptional brews and community-driven approach. Their renowned Anti-Hero IPA, bursting with vibrant citrus and pine aromas, has become a symbol of their expertise in crafting hop-forward beers. Complementing their IPAs, Revolution Brewing offers a range of styles, including the rich and velvety Eugene Porter, with its luscious chocolate and roasted malt flavors. Beyond brewing outstanding beers, Revolution Brewing actively embraces community and collaboration, fostering connections with other breweries, hosting events that celebrate the craft beer culture, and supporting local initiatives. With their dedication to craftsmanship, community engagement, and a diverse lineup of exceptional brews, Revolution Brewing has solidified its status as a beloved and influential player in Chicago’s craft beer landscape.

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Half Acre Beer Company

Established in 2006, Half Acre Beer Company has quickly risen to prominence as an innovative and highly regarded brewery in Chicago. With an unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional brews, Half Acre has amassed a dedicated following of beer enthusiasts who appreciate their relentless pursuit of excellence. At the forefront of Half Acre’s offerings is their flagship beer, Daisy Cutter Pale Ale, which has become an iconic brew celebrated for its harmonious blend of vibrant hop character and balanced malt backbone. Bursting with citrus and floral notes, Daisy Cutter has firmly established itself as a beloved staple within the Chicago craft beer scene and beyond. In addition to their renowned pale ale, Half Acre showcases their brewing expertise through a diverse and imaginative lineup of beers. From hop-forward IPAs to robust stouts and refreshing lagers, their portfolio showcases a breadth of flavors and styles that cater to a wide range of beer enthusiasts’ preferences. Beyond their exceptional beers, Half Acre Beer Company fosters a sense of community and connection. With two inviting taproom locations in Chicago, the brewery provides a welcoming space for beer lovers to gather, enjoy their finely crafted brews, and engage with like-minded individuals. Their collaborations with local artists and musicians further contribute to the vibrant cultural fabric of the city. With their unwavering dedication to quality, creativity, and community, Half Acre Beer Company has solidified its position as a highly respected and influential player in the Chicago beer scene. Their commitment to crafting outstanding beers while fostering a sense of belonging has earned them a devoted following and made them a cherished and esteemed brewery among locals and visitors alike.

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Nestled along the scenic banks of the Illinois River, Peoria, Illinois, has emerged as a vibrant hub for craft beer enthusiasts. With its rich brewing heritage and a growing number of notable breweries, this city has become a destination for those seeking exceptional brews and a thriving beer culture. From historic establishments to innovative newcomers, Peoria offers a diverse and exciting array of breweries that showcase the region’s brewing prowess. Whether you’re a seasoned beer aficionado or a curious newcomer, Peoria’s beer scene is sure to captivate your taste buds and leave you with a newfound appreciation for the art of craft brewing. Join us as we embark on a journey through the breweries that define the flavor and spirit of Peoria’s thriving beer community.

Obed & Isaac’s Microbrewery and Eatery

Peoria Brewing Company, established in 2014, has become a notable brewery in Peoria, Illinois, renowned for its exceptional handcrafted beers and unwavering commitment to quality. Their diverse selection of brews caters to various tastes and preferences, offering a range of styles to delight beer enthusiasts. From hop-forward IPAs bursting with bold flavors to rich and robust stouts that tantalize the senses, Peoria Brewing Company’s thoughtfully curated beer menu ensures a memorable drinking experience. The brewery takes pride in using top-quality ingredients and employing meticulous brewing techniques, resulting in consistently excellent batches. When visiting Peoria Brewing Company, you’ll be greeted by an inviting taproom that provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere to enjoy their finely crafted beers and immerse yourself in the local beer culture. Notably, Peoria Brewing Company actively engages with the community, hosting events, collaborating with other businesses, and participating in charitable initiatives, showcasing their dedication to fostering connection and giving back. With their commitment to brewing excellence, diverse beer selection, and community involvement, Peoria Brewing Company stands as a beloved and notable player in Peoria’s thriving craft beer scene.

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Industry Brewing Company

Industry Brewing Company, a standout brewery in Peoria, Illinois, has gained recognition for its exceptional beers and unwavering dedication to craftsmanship. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to brewing excellence, Industry Brewing Company has solidified its place in the local beer scene. Their diverse lineup of beers showcases their innovation and expertise, featuring a range of styles to suit various palates. From hop-forward IPAs bursting with aromatic flavors to rich and velvety stouts that captivate the senses, their offerings cater to beer enthusiasts with discerning tastes. Step into their inviting taproom, and you’ll find a welcoming space where you can savor their finely crafted brews while immersing yourself in the vibrant beer culture of Peoria. Not only does Industry Brewing Company prioritize the art of brewing, but they also foster community engagement. Collaborating with local artists, musicians, and businesses, they contribute to the cultural fabric of the city, creating a dynamic and inclusive environment for beer lovers to connect. With their unwavering commitment to quality, creativity, and community, Industry Brewing Company has earned its place as a notable player in Peoria’s flourishing craft beer landscape, captivating both locals and visitors alike.

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Rhodell Brewery

Rhodell Brewery, a cornerstone of Peoria’s beer scene since its establishment in 1998, is renowned for its commitment to traditional brewing methods and local ingredients. With a focus on authenticity and flavor, Rhodell Brewery has become synonymous with outstanding craft beers. Their portfolio boasts a wide range of brews, each crafted with precision and passion. From crisp and refreshing lagers to bold and hop-forward ales, Rhodell Brewery offers a diverse selection that caters to a variety of beer preferences. What sets Rhodell Brewery apart is its dedication to sourcing local ingredients, and infusing its beers with the essence of Peoria’s agricultural heritage. The result is a collection of brews that exemplify the rich flavors of the region. Stepping into their inviting brewpub, visitors are greeted with a warm and friendly atmosphere, perfect for enjoying their finely crafted beers. In addition to its outstanding beers, Rhodell Brewery actively engages with the community, hosting events and supporting local initiatives. Their commitment to fostering a sense of connection and celebration of local culture is evident in every aspect of their operation. Rhodell Brewery’s enduring presence and unwavering commitment to quality have solidified its position as a beloved and respected brewery in Peoria, offering a taste of the city’s brewing heritage and a testament to the power of local craftsmanship.

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Nestled along the serene shores of the Rock River, Rockford, Illinois, emerges as a vibrant destination for beer enthusiasts seeking a taste of the city’s brewing prowess. With a rich brewing heritage and a growing number of notable breweries, Rockford has become a haven for those seeking exceptional brews and a thriving beer culture. From historic establishments steeped in tradition to innovative breweries pushing the boundaries of flavor, Rockford offers a diverse and exciting array of breweries that capture the essence of the city’s brewing spirit. Join us as we embark on a journey through the breweries that define the flavor and charm of Rockford’s thriving beer community. From hoppy IPAs to smooth lagers, Rockford’s beer scene has something to tantalize every beer lover’s palate. Get ready to explore the captivating world of Rockford’s craft beer scene and discover the hidden gems that make this city a must-visit for beer enthusiasts.

Prairie Street Brewing Co.

Prairie Street Brewing Co., situated in the heart of downtown Rockford, Illinois, stands as a notable brewery that beautifully combines historic charm with a commitment to crafting exceptional beers. Located in a meticulously restored building overlooking the scenic Rock River, Prairie Street Brewing Co. offers a delightful blend of old-world ambiance and modern brewing techniques. Step into their inviting space and be greeted by a range of handcrafted beers that reflect their passion for quality and innovation. From classic beer styles that pay homage to brewing traditions to unique seasonal releases that showcase their creative flair, Prairie Street Brewing Co. presents a diverse lineup that caters to every beer lover’s palate. Sip on their meticulously crafted brews while taking in the picturesque views of the river, creating an experience that seamlessly blends great beer with an enchanting setting. Whether you’re seeking a refreshing pint on a sunny day or looking to explore the fascinating world of craft beer, Prairie Street Brewing Co. offers an unforgettable destination for both locals and visitors alike.

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Pig Minds Brewing Co.

Pig Minds Brewing Co., located in Rockford, Illinois, is a standout brewery known for its inventive and eclectic approach to brewing. With a focus on sustainability and animal welfare, Pig Minds Brewing Co. has carved a unique niche in the craft beer scene. One of their notable distinctions is their commitment to vegan-friendly beers, making them a popular choice for those seeking animal product-free options. Their diverse and ever-evolving beer lineup showcases a range of flavors and styles that cater to a variety of tastes. From hop-forward IPAs bursting with aromatic hops to barrel-aged specialties that offer complexity and depth, Pig Minds Brewing Co. delights beer enthusiasts with their creative and carefully crafted brews. Beyond their beer offerings, Pig Minds Brewing Co. actively engages with the community, hosting events that bring people together and supporting local causes. With their innovative brewing practices, commitment to sustainability, and dedication to flavor, Pig Minds Brewing Co. has become an integral part of Rockford’s vibrant craft beer landscape, attracting visitors from near and far to experience their unique and flavorful offerings.

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Carlyle Brewing Co.

Carlyle Brewing Co., nestled in Rockford, Illinois, is a beloved establishment that combines the art of brewing with a cozy brewpub atmosphere. Stepping into Carlyle Brewing Co., visitors are greeted by a warm and inviting space that invites them to savor the pleasures of handcrafted beers. With a lineup of traditional and seasonal brews, Carlyle Brewing Co. offers a range of options to satisfy different tastes. Whether you’re a fan of malty ales, hoppy IPAs, or smooth and refreshing lagers, their beer menu caters to a variety of palates. Each brew is carefully crafted to deliver well-balanced flavors and a memorable drinking experience. The brewpub’s ambiance complements the beer perfectly, creating a comfortable and laid-back setting where guests can enjoy their brews alongside delicious food pairings from the menu. Carlyle Brewing Co. not only focuses on the quality of their beers but also cultivates a sense of community. They regularly host events, bringing beer enthusiasts together and fostering a welcoming atmosphere for all. With their dedication to crafting exceptional beers and providing a delightful brewpub experience, Carlyle Brewing Co. has become a beloved destination in Rockford’s vibrant beer scene.

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