The Pros and Cons of Labled Cans Vs Can Sleeves

32 OZ Custom Label Crowler Can
32 OZ Custom Label Crowler Can

Before choosing between using a custom label or can sleeve, you should understand the pros and cons of each. Both options require minimal processing time, but the former is more expensive per can. Furthermore, the plastic sleeve is glossy and may turn off some consumers. This glossy finish may also be more visible if the can is bent. Read on to discover which option is best for you.

What Types Of Beer Cans Are There?

Beer cans are an increasingly popular option for distributing craft beer. The process of canning beer is becoming increasingly popular and is responsible for half of the $20 billion U.S. beer market. In addition to large national breweries, microbreweries have recently started to explore the benefits of canning beer. In recent years, craft breweries have begun to realize that canned beer is an excellent way to ensure the purity of their products and prevent oxidation and light damage.

Art on beer cans is another trend to be on the lookout for. The American Can Company produced Krueger’s 12-ounce cans and ran through 550 percent of pre-can production in a five-month span. The brewery’s most popular products include the Tru Blu Ale and White Seal beer, both of which are made with pineapples. This fun beer can design catches the eye, and is easy to recognize.

Custom Sticker Labeled Cans

If you’re in the beer business, you probably have some questions about the pros and cons of Custom Sticker Labeled Cans versus Can Sleeves. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so consider your specific needs and requirements before deciding which option is right for your business. Generally, labels are less expensive than can sleeves and do not require a minimum order quantity. They are perfect for seasonal products or larger product lines. With the right label, your product will stand out on shelves and improve customer relations. Also, labeling equipment is inexpensive and typically can print on multiple can sizes. In-house labeling is a smart option for simplifying your supply chain and reducing cost.

Custom labeled cans are still also recycleable which makes them an equally good option if you are looking to be environmentally friendly. The labels can be easily removed before they are recylced to make them in some cases the best option. Can sleeves while thin, add more material to the can.  

Custom Can Sleeves

One of the biggest differences between custom can sleeves and labled cans is the type of labeling. Traditional labeling adheres only to flat surfaces. It can’t cover the entire container. However, shrink sleeves give designers a 360-degree design space. Because they’re printed on the inside, they’re also harder to abrade. Custom can sleeves, on the other hand, are a great choice for beverages when ordering in very large volumes.

Custom can sleeves have come a long way over the last several years. Gone are the days when can sleeves were just a loose wrap and were easily distinguished from printed cans. Today’s can sleeves are nearly invisible, and the seam between the sleeve and can becomes hardly noticeable. Custom sleeves can even be run digitally, so you don’t need to worry about using Pantone inks.

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