The Top Brewing Trends in 2022

Three Friends Enjoying Craft Beer Together
Three Friends Enjoying Craft Beer Together

If you’re looking for a future guide to the drinks industry, consider these six trends. These will drive the industry into the next decade. These trends include a clenched job market, climate change, and changing consumer tastes. Stay up-to-date by signing up for email updates. We’ll send you news about these and many other trends, so be sure to subscribe!

Barrel-Aged Stouts

While once thought to be a seasonal drink, many breweries are making barrel-aged stouts available year-round. These brews take flavor from bourbon, maple syrup, and honey barrels. Other flavors may be added, including coconut, vanilla, coffee, and vanilla beans. Despite the current decline in the IPA category, this trend will continue to grow in the next few years.

Craft-Brewing Taprooms

In addition to offering more localized brews, brewery taprooms are also gaining traction. Many craft breweries will start offering smaller, more customizable batches. In addition to creating smaller batches, these businesses will be able to experiment with recipes with fewer ingredients. As a result, the industry will grow more diverse than ever before, including a greater number of local breweries.


The hazy trend may not end anytime soon. Fruity brews may become more popular, but they may be wearing out quickly. As more consumers adopt the internet, the importance of brand building cannot be overstated. For those wishing to tap into the growing trend of craft beer, IPAs continue to be the most popular styles. In the United States, however, the IPA craze may be cooling.

Non-alcoholic beer

Removing alcohol from a beer is often seen as stripping it of flavor. Depending on the type of product, this can keep the beer on the palate, but new innovations in non-alcoholic beer are redefining the category. Fruited sours, hazy IPAs, and coconut stouts are just a few of the new types of non-alcoholic beers. The new technology will enable non-alcoholic craft beer to compete with alcoholic beers.

Other Trends

The future of the beverage industry will be shaped by women’s empowerment and equality, according to Kyle Swartz, managing editor of Beverage Dynamics magazine. He writes for the magazine’s print and online components. He has written for the New York Times and other leading industry publications and has published several books on the topic.

In the past, ales and IPAs were the darlings of the craft beer world. In recent years, lagers have become increasingly important in the craft beer scene. While ales will always have their place, lagers have the potential to be popular with consumers. Though lagers are difficult to brew and more likely to have flaws, they are becoming more common. That’s good news for microbrewers looking to expand their product offerings.

As cannabis and marijuana become legal, craft brewers are preparing to introduce marijuana-infused beer. This new trend will be slow-released to see what the public will react to, and if the market responds positively, craft brewers may be encouraged to continue experimenting with this innovative drink. But it’s not just cannabis that will be a big trend in 2022. Likewise, rose beer will continue to grow in popularity. Inspired by the sweet pink wine, rose beer will become a common ingredient in many styles of craft beer.

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